• Are your products gluten free?

    Our wholegrain products contain gluten. Other products which to not naturally contain gluten such as quinoa and lentils, are manufactured in an environment where there is a small risk of cross contamination with gluten so are not strictly gluten free.

  • Where do your chestnuts come from?

    In order to select the best quality products, we ensure that we use a diverse selection of growers and packers to compensate for seasonal and geographical quality variances. Our suppliers are from both the EU and further afield.

  • What is the difference between net drained weight and the weight displayed on your packaging?

    The Net weight refers to the weight of product minus the packaging but including the weight of any water, added brine or oil. The Net drained weight refers to the weight of the product minus packaging and any liquid and the Gross weight refers to the complete weight of product including the packaging.

  • Can you freeze the simply cooked pouches?

    We do not recommend that you freeze the pouch itself; however, the content, once removed from the packaging can be stored safely in the freezer.