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What is British Quinoa?

Farming British quinoa is itself great for the environment, as it provides wildlife in the UK countryside with a new habitat, and attracts a panoply of different insects, which are drawn in by the fleshy nature of the leaves.

If you thought the quinoa you regularly enjoyed came all the way from South America then you’d usually be right – but with the ancient grain’s growing popularity, British farmers across the country have begun turning their hand to growing quinoa. Here at Merchant Gourmet, we’ve been striving to meet increasing local demand whilst supporting pioneering British farmers. So we now source home-grown, British quinoa, giving consumers who like to buy local more choice, and helping them keep their carbon footprint small.

Simple Cooked British Quinoa

Our Simply Cooked British Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice is sourced from a family owned, independent farm whose interest in speciality crops is never-ending! Warren Farm has been in the Fairs family for over 120 years, and is still working today to produce speciality crops such as British Quinoa. Their fascination with growing novel crops has been a real focus over the years, with Quinoa successfully growing since the 1980s. After many trials, the farm have developed their own selection of delicious, nutty quinoa crops, perfect to use in our pouch of Simple Cooked British Quinoa and Wholegrain Rice.

Dried British Quinoa

Our boxes of Dried Quinoa are filled with quinoa that’s been expertly grown across the UK countryside in collaboration with an entrepreneurial group of Shropshire farmers at the British Quinoa Company. They’ve been working to create a more sustainable, local quinoa since 2006, using new quinoa varieties that had been bred for our European climate. This 6th generation farming family are local celebrities, having appeared on Countryfile and having won the Arable Innovator of the Year Award at the British Farming Awards.

Our British Quinoa products

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