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What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is a tiny, bead-shaped seed with a wonderfully nutty flavour and firm texture, which gives it a brilliant bite.

There are lots of types of quinoa – red, white or black. Primarily grown in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador (where it used to be the go-to grain for sustaining workers), we’re now lucky enough to have it growing on our doorstep in the UK, too.

Once cooked, the quinoa grains quadruple in size and become almost translucent. That’s when you mix them with all sorts of delicious ingredients, and serve to hungry guests.

How do you even say it?

As gripping a debate as the 'scone' or 'scone' controversy, the ''keen-wah' 'kin-wa' 'quin-o-a' dispute does like to keep people on their toes. We pronounce it 'keen-wah' – but however you say it, it's indisputably delicious.

Why's it so good for you?

Quinoa is just what you need for a healthy and balanced diet, because it’s the only grain that can be described as the perfect protein source (quinoa contains protein, iron, magnesium and phosphorus).

It’s a prebiotic, gluten-free superfood that can help to control your blood sugar levels and provides a great source of fibre, which keeps your tummy happy.

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