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10 Valentine’s dishes from around the world

10 Valentine’s dishes from around the world

Everyone knows Chocolate is the go-to gift on Valentine’s Day… but we’ve found some global recipes to treat your loved ones to and to take you both on a mini trip around the world with the Valentine’s Day foodie traditions.


1.  Rosewater Tea from the Middle East
By mixing hot water, with rose water and a little sugar to make a sweet refreshing tea for your loved one.

2. Piranha Soup from Brazil
The famously ferocious piranha is an important food  in the Pantanal (the world’s largest wetland, located in Western Brazil) it is even though to be an aphrodisiac. 

3. Giant, sweet, ginger cookies from Germany
Chocolate is making a play for the top given gift in Germany but what sets the German’s gift giving apart is the six inch cookies iced with messages for their Valentine’s.

4. Hazelnut candies from Italy
One of the many gifts given in Italy over the romantic holiday is small chocolate covered hazelnut candies called baci perugina – usually wrapped in a slip of paper with romatic quotes in 4 different languages!

5. Heart shaped Omelettes from North Korea
Perfect for breakfast in bed – these omelettes are based around the Asian idea that food should be art for the eyes before being eaten.

6. Ceviche from Mexico
Like in many Latin American countries, Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers but for friends too, chocolates are gifted but Ceviche also features on their Valentine’s menus.

7. Sweet treats from Argentina
Argentine’s not only celebrate Valentine’s Day but put aside a whole week in July for “Sweetness week” where sweet treats are exchanged.

8. Colourful rice dishes from Miao, South West China
During the Sister’s Meal festival, women cook colourful dishes of rice for potential suitors.

9. National Chocolate Day in Ghana
Since 2014, Valentine’s Day has also been known as National Chocolate Day in an attempt to boost tourism to one of the largest produces of Cocoa in the world – special chocolate themed menus, exhibitions and talks can be found all around country.

10. Oysters and Chocolate from Great Britain
We all know that Chocolates are the number 1 gift given and received on Valentine’s Day but Brits also like to indulge in steak, venison and oysters on the 14th.