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30 Min Summer Vegan Recipes

30 Min Summer Vegan Recipes

It’s universally agreed that eating less meat is good for you and for the planet, but sometimes inspiration can be lacking, especially if you’re outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and you don’t have much time to prepare. If this you and you’re craving more plants this summer, we have some quick and easy summer time recipes that will take you beyond simple salads whilst retaining the simplicity! Check out our top recipes below….


Zingy Sweet Chilli Tempeh & Korean Grain  Lettuce Wraps

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A very quick and simple recipe which is both light and full of zingy flavour. If lettuce wraps are a little too light for your liking, simple swaps with a wheat or corn based wrap.


Plant Based Paella with Smoky Spanish Style Grains

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Low in fat, sugar and high in vitamin C, this recipe really shows off how filling, satisfying and full of goodness plant based food can be. Not only that, this version will take you half the time of traditional paella to prepare with no Aborio rice to carefully watch over! One mouthful of this and you’ll be able to imagine the warm sun of España beaming down on you.


Mexican Style Spicy Veggie Balls

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These versatile little balls can be used in so many great recipes! They can be ‘meat’balls with tomato sauce and spaghetti, falafels in a pitta with hoummous or  enjoyed on a bed of courgetti salad, as pictured here. A great source of fibre and are low in fat an sugar, plus are perfect for batch cooking, freezing and defrosting as and when you need.


Summer Quinoa Salad with a Cashew Basil Cream

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We really can’t enough of this recipe this summer, it showcases quinoa at it’s best, an absorbent vehicle of  delicious flavours and spices.


Beluga Lentil and Cashew Dip

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I don’t know about you, but summer to us means alfresco pitta and hoummous on a picnic blanket. Try something different with this Beluga lentil dip. Both part of the legume family, lentils work just the same as chickpeas when pureed for a dip and Beluga adds a tasty depth of flavour which blends perfectly with the cashew nuts.


Sesame Rolled Tofu with Ponzu Dressing

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This super quick and easy Asian inspired recipe is full of flavour and so simple to make!


Spiced Korean Fritters

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These bad boys are super fast to make and perfect for putting in a lunch box for picnic or to batch cook and snack on throughout the week. Dip them in a sauce, put them in a wrap or eat them with a salad, the options are endless with this recipe.


Burrito Bowl

Full of fresh, summery flavours, this dish filled with veggies and wholegrains is so tasty and filling but most importantly very quick and satisfying to prepare with zero cooking involved.  A true showcase of plant powered goodness!