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Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn Has Arrived

Is anyone else secretly ecstatic about the cooler weather we’ve been having? For us, Autumn means woolly jumpers, country walks in wellies and more nights spent in front of the tele than out in the cold. Things could be worse! We’ve picked out five recipes that’ll keep you cosy (and substantially full) this season.


Puy Lentil Shepherds Pie

Here we have a Shepherd’s Pie with a difference. The filling is a warming vegan mix of tomatoey lentils, butternut squash and chestnuts. Covered with a crispy filo top that saves you time and energy on mashing.  From pot to plate in just 35 minutes.


Bibimbap with Korean-Style Grains

Forget your Friday night takeaway, this dish using our newly launched Zingy Korean-Style Grains has all the naughtiness you could need. Plus, it’ll arrive on your plate quicker than your Deliveroo driver to your door!


French Lentil & Chorizo Soup

This is a speedy soup with serious flavour. If you love our Tomatoey-French Puy & Green Lentils, then you will ADORE this warming winter bowl made up of just six ingredients. Make more than enough sourdough croutons to go around – you won’t want to share.


Mushroom ‘Wellington’ with Chestnuts & Porcini

Porcini mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce may be an old-age combo, but it is still a winner in our eyes. The vegetable gives a wonderfully meaty flavour to this dish wrapped in a crispy pastry casing – this recipe is simply asking to be made for a weekend treat.


Champagne Lentil & Curried Pumpkin Hot Pot

This is a recipe you will only have to follow once. Roast the pumpkin before mixing with Champagne lentils, stock cube and chopped coriander. Easy peasy! We hear it tastes best eaten on the sofa…