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Brand New products = Brand New Recipes

Brand New products = Brand New Recipes


We are bursting with excitement to announce the launch of 2 new ready to eat pouches! To help inspire your taste buds we’ve got some seriously tasty recipes for you to try for after you buy.


Pesto-ey Italian-Infused Grains

A mix of wheatberries and quinoa, cooked with a delicate infusion of basil pesto. Available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda & Morrisons stores and online.


Avocado Pesto Grain Bowl with Hot-Smoked Salmon

Serve this dish on a large platter to share around the table. Make sure you get a little of everything to really enjoy the salty pesto and hot salmon combination. Perfect for a dinner party with friends, it takes no time at all to make.


Genovese grains with Green Beans & Parmesan

This fresh yet filling side dish is the perfect accompaniment to chicken or white fish, and will keep perfectly well in the fridge for a few days after prepping.


Puglia Lentils with Truffle Infused Oil

Grown in Southern Italy, these Puglia lentils have been simply cooked with truffle flavoured extra virgin olive oil. Available in Waitrose stores and online.


Steak with Puglia Lentils, Truffle-Infused Oil & Blue Cheese

These Puglia lentils with truffle oil are the new kids on the block. Served simply with steak and blue cheese, the flavours speak for themselves.


Puglia Lentils with Mint & Creamy Ricotta

If preparing for a BBQ or dinner party, this dish can all be prepped well before eating – add the ricotta and mint just before serving. Pair with sausages, grilled chicken or on its own for an impressive veggie spread!