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‘Bring a dish’ – RECIPES

‘Bring a dish’ – RECIPES Merchant Gourmet Avocado & Pesto-ey Italian grains

Host a ‘Bring a dish’ party

Is it just us or is everyone a little strapped for cash this February? In January it’s expected after too many Christmas cocktails and extravagant gifts given, but why haven’t our purse strings recovered by now? The month seems to be longer than ever, without the pounds to make any plans. For this reason, we are proposing a social gathering that won’t break the bank. Invite friends and family to ‘bring a dish’ – saving you stress, time and most importantly money.

We’ve compiled our favourite recipes that are best suited to a crowd – feel free to share with guests and tag us in your creations!


Spicy Korean-Grain Salad

This zingy recipe is one to make when you’re a little short on time. It’s incredibly fresh, has the perfect crunch and the only utensils required are a sharp knife and chopping board.


Smoky Spanish Arancini with Aioli

These mouth-watering bites are stuffed with melted mozzarella for an indulgent cheesy surprise. Make the night before and just heat up in the hosts oven!


Avocado Pesto Grain Bowl

Who doesn’t love pesto? With no cooking required, this fantastically fresh salmon grain salad is simplicity at its finest. Just seven ingredients need tossing together and that is honestly it! Make sure you get a spoonful of each element to really appreciate those flavour combinations.


Quinoa Tabbouleh with Sweet Potato Pakora

Another super fresh side plate that will go with the majority of main dishes, whether it be meat, cheese, tofu or roasted veg. The pakora adds an extra level to the recipe, balancing the flavours of sharp lemon juice and super sweet peppers.


Puglian Lentils with Mint & Creamy Ricotta

This recipe relies on quality ingredients alone. Pairing particularly well with grilled goods such as sausages or steak, you can make in just moments. Everyone will be bound to be asking for this sophisticated and ever so stylish recipe.


Beluga Lentil & Balsamic Beetroot Salad

Catering to all dietary requirements, this dark and delicious vegan salad is a massively moreish mix of texture and flavour. A special touch could be to add some drop of fresh, creamy goats cheese.


Spiced Cauliflower, Sweet Potato & Chickpeas in a Tahini Dressing

The many elements of this dish make a beautiful centre piece for a table set for a feast. The textures are incredible – with crunchy almonds and soft, sweet dates scattered in between our Smoky Spanish Grains.


Watermelon, Feta, Quinoa & Olive Salad

This fresh, vibrant salad shouldn’t only be served when the sun in shining. Bring a little warmth inside with this winning feta and fruit combination. Our Red & White Quinoa bulks out the plate and most deliciously soaks up all of the incredible flavours.