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Delicious Christmas Gift Ideas

Delicious Christmas Gift Ideas Merchant Gourmet Chocolate Chestnut Tiffin

Not everyone uses Black Friday to order all their Christmas gifts in one go, some people like to create hand made treasures to give to loved ones as a way to show added sentiment, support of local business and avoid Christmas consumerism. Whatever the reason, we have the perfect festive ingredients to make sure your home-made gifts perfectly suit the season! Here’s our top 10 Christmas gift recipes…


  1. Christmas Spiced Chestnut Cookies

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Spiced Christmas Cookies Icing cinnamon Christmas tree star biscuit

All the festive flavours in a beautifully decorated, perfectly cooked cookie, the ideal quick and easy gift for your colleagues this Christmas.


2. Chestnut Jam

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Jam Jar Bread gift

The quintessential homemade Christmas gift made even more Christmasy with the inclusion of chestnuts, lets just call it Christmas joy in a jar!


3. Chocolate Chestnut Tiffin

Merchant Gourmet Chocolate Chestnut Tiffin gift tin string

Who wouldn’t want to receive this luxurious chocolate tiffin? The chestnut flavour adds a lovely seasonal touch


4. Fruity Christmas Castagnaccio

Fruity Christmas Castagnaccio Dessert fruit recipe

Now the Italians sure know how to celebrate Christmas in style, a whole month of Christmas celebrations with plenty of delicious food! This traditional festive Italian dessert is an ideal plant based treat for those you love


5. Chocolate Chestnut Fudge

Merchant Gourmet Chocolate Chestnut Fudge gift recipe Christmas

This festive fudge is the perfect treat to give to those nearest and dearest who you know have a sweet tooth


6. Spiced Chestnut and Pear Chutney

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut and Pear Chutney jar gift recipe string

Extend your Christmas jar gift repertoire with this delicious chestnut and pear flavoured festive chutney


7. Chocolate Chestnut Truffles

Merchant Gourmet Chocolate Chestnut Truffles gift recipe Christmas

Enhance the standard chocolate truffle with the festive taste of chestnuts, the recipient won’t be disappointed!


8. Quinoa, Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Quinoa, Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies Christmas Gift

For those who you know are trying to ‘stay good’ this Christmas, our wholesome take on the cookie is the ideal gift


9. Candied Chestnuts

Merchant Gourmet Candied Chestnuts gift Christmas recipe

Chestnuts don’t need to be roasting on an open fire during the festive season with this French favourite traditionally known as Marrons glacés, perfect for adding some ‘je ne se qua’ to your gift


10. Chocolate, Pistachio and Chestnut Truffles

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Chocolate truffles gift recipe

More truffl-ey goodness with pistachio truffle recipe, this recipe can be frozen ahead of time and bought out when ready to serve, a great treat to bring into the office at Christmas time