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Eat Well with quick recipe hacks

Eat Well with quick recipe hacks

Eating well can be tricky when you’re busy with life, with some our favourite restaurants and venues opening again we don’t want to be spending too much time in the kitchen. To help you make sure you’re eating well whilst saving yourself precious time, we have some specially created quick and easy recipes using a few, simple ingredients that will keep you fuelled through day and will fill you up with plant-based goodness.


Spanish-Style Rice Balls with vegan Aioli

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This simple recipe is full of flavour and will keep you going for lunches for the week! Perfect in salads, wraps or in a mezze platter


Spanish Style Grains & Chickpea Waffles

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What an awesome way to use grains! These waffles treats are full of flavour and are deceptively simple to make! Garnish with a rainbow of veggies for a wholesome and satisfying meal


Korean Vegan Tacos

Merchant Gourmet Korean style Tacos, quick vegan meal, quick veggie meal, vegan tacos, taco recipe, Merchant Gourmet Korean Style grains, mexican food, tortilla

Who doesn’t love tacos? This plant-based version fuses the best of world cuisines, a Mexican dish with a tasty Asian twist using kimchi, Sriracha and Korean grains. Delicious!


Persian Tofu Veggie Skewers

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Incredibly simple but full of the flavour, these veggie skewers are the perfect, light meal to enjoy al fresco in the sunshine


Zingy Sweet Chilli Tempeh & Grain Lettuce Wraps

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Keep it simple, light and nutritious by replacing wheat or corn wraps with lettuce leaves. The filling has so much texture and flavour you don’t even need that extra layer of carbs.


Plant Based Paella with Smoky Spanish Style Grains

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Low in fat, sugar and high in vitamin C, this recipe really shows off how filling, satisfying and full of goodness plant based food can be. Not only that, this version will take you half the time of traditional paella to prepare with no Aborio rice to carefully watch over! One mouthful of this and you’ll be able to imagine the warm sun of España beaming down on you.