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Exclusive recipes for Hockey performance

Exclusive recipes for Hockey performance Merchant Gourmet Alex Mackay chef

As Merchant Gourmet are a proud sponsor of both GB and England Hockey, we have teamed up with Dr Rebecca Townsend, Performance Nutritionist for GB and England Hockey, to create four exciting recipes to help hockey players or any sporting participants to better prepare their bodies for exercise!

Rebecca developed these recipes with Alex Mackay, our Merchant Gourmet chef to create not only great tasting recipes but also dishes that include the nutrition needed to improve your hockey or sporting performance. They have focused on Fuelling, Recovery, Boosting Immune System and Injury Prevention in the following recipes;

Fuelling – Kale, watercress, mange tout & green apple Freekeh ‘zotto’ with cream cheese & basil

This recipe is for Fuelling – a dish providing energy that players could eat before training or matches. This has a slow-release carbohydrate base and is low in fat.

Recovering – Beluga lentil and lime & salt cured hake wraps with pear, cucumber & mint salsa

This recipe is for Recovery – a high protein dish that players would eat after training or matches to help promote recovery, repair and adaptation. We are aiming for around 25g protein in a recovery meal (or 0.4 g/kgBM). It contains lean protein, slow-release carbohydrates and low fat. Good seasoning with salt in this dish is good to replace some of the electrolytes lost in sweat.

Immune Function – Red & white quinoa salad with peppers, sweet potato and mango with a pineapple & chilli dressing

This recipe supports immune function – it is a dish with lots of colour, herbs, spices, veg and fruit – the more the better. This is to support immune function, as intense training can weaken the immune system, particularly in the immediate period post-training or match.

Injury Prevention – Pumpkin & Glorious Grain ‘zotto’ with smoked mackerel and seeds

This recipe supports injury prevention – this dish incorporates nutrients that may support bone and joint health, as we know hockey players experience a lot of these types of injuries. The meat-based stock is good for the collagen content and the mackerel, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds have anti-inflammatory properties. The yoghurt contains calcium to support bone health and recovery.