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Make The Switch

Make The Switch


Top Nutritionist Sian Porter tells us how there’s no need to banish carbohydrates, just make better choices! Below are some super simple and healthy swaps to make to your diet in the New Year. It’s a no-brainer!


Rice → Quinoa

I always tell my clients that a quick and easy way to add variety to their diet is to swap rice for quinoa in any dish. It has more fibre and is packed with protein.



Wholegrain → Chia Seeds

For most wholegrain carbs, a fistful is the recommended portion. But for chia seeds, about two tablespoons daily is enough. Use them to thicken dishes, add fibre and nutrients, such as calcium.


Mince → Puy Lentils

These French exports make a great trade-in for mince. They still provide you with iron and protein and have a hearty flavour and firm, chewy texture once cooked.


Potatoes → Beluga Lentils

Similar to potatoes, Beluga lentils retain their shape when cooked and are great at absorbing other flavours – and count as one of your five-a-day.



Oats/Cereal → Wheatberries

Wheatberries are actually the least refined form of wheat. They have a sweet, creamy flavour that works well in breakfast dishes instead of oats or cereal.


Cous Cous/ Pasta → Freekeh

With more than three times the fibre content of brown rice, and a similar size and shape, freekeh can easily stand in for rice or even couscous and pasta.