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Your guide to meal prep in 2018

Your guide to meal prep in 2018

Setting aside an afternoon to prep meals for the week ahead will honestly CHANGE YOUR LIFE (no exaggeration).  It will save you time, money and all-important brain power! No more nipping out to the local cafe for an unhealthy and unsatisfying sandwich or ordering a lazy, last-minute takeaway. This helpful routine will have you looking forward to lunchin’ even more than usual and will help fuel your body for the day. We’ve rounded up the best recipes to fit into your lunchbox this week!


MondayMexican Grains & Chicken Burrito Bowl

This bowl has all the goodness you need to banish those dreaded Monday blues. It takes barely any time to prepare as all the veggies are chopped and served raw. Add cooked chicken and your Mexican Grains & Rice (hot or cold) for extra added spice.


TuesdayButternut Squash, Feta & Sunblush Salad with Wheatberries (V)

Did you know – a cup of cubed butternut squash provides 582 mg of potassium, more than the amount available in a banana? This mixed with salty feta and hearty Wheatberries help to leave those after lunch sugar cravings behind.


WednesdayIndian-Spiced Halloumi Skewers (V)

If anything’s going to lift your mood on hump day, its everyone’s favourite – halloumi. Build these skewers in minutes and grill for a smoky, aromatic flavour. Our Indian Inspired Rice & Grains make the perfect accompaniment with no extra work.


ThursdayRoasted Courgette, Peppers, Feta & Black Olive Quinoa Wraps (V)

The courgette is such a versatile vegetable, but sometimes it’s best to let the flavour do the talking. They have a high-water content which is good news for hydration. Teamed with crunchy peppers and protein-packed quinoa, these wraps are a superfood saviour.


FridayTurkey & Freekeh Burgers

Although turkey mince is lower in fats than beef, be sure to choose breast meat over thigh, as the latter is much fattier. Simply Cooked Freekeh binds the burger mixture together, while adding much needed protein and fibre. These tasty treats prove you can still have a burger without the guilt.