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The notion of a #MeatFreeMonday has quickly taken the world by storm and we couldn’t be more behind it. Not only is eating less meat helping the environment, it’s a great excuse to consume more plant-based protein – something we know a lot about! Pulses and grains are a top meat-alternative, the lentil varieties in particular are packed FULL of goodness to keep you fuller for longer. If you ever find yourself stuck for dinner ideas at the beginning of the week, check out the 10 recipes below. All of which are meat-free and most definitely delightful.


Champagne Lentil Kofta’s with Red Onion Salad and Garlic Mayonnaise

Build up these pitta pockets of all of your favourite things. The zingy red onion salad and garlic mayo are a match made in heaven – add in the meaty lentil patties for a homemade kebab with a difference!


Honeyed Halloumi and Pomegranate with Freekeh Tabbouleh

Sweet halloumi grilled to perfection, sharp pomegranate and crunchy veg… need we say more? The nutty Freekeh adds an extra depth to the dish, and best of all requires no prep whatsoever. Some may think of this as a summer plate, but we like to eat it all year round.


Puy Lentil Meatballs in a Rich Tomato Sauce

For those on the fence over meat-free meals, this one is ideal to help convert them. The lentils create a texture so similar to beef, you’ll second guess your own cooking. Place this hearty pan of goodness in the middle of the table along with a side of your choice.


Quinoa Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Mash

This Vegan take on a meaty classic is a wonderful weekend recipe that takes little skill to prepare. We’ve added our famous dried porcini mushrooms to the cooking of the quinoa, giving it a deliciously rich taste and texture. Top with sweet potato mash and brown in the oven – all that’s left to do is tuck in!


Beluga Lentil Sliders with Red Curry Mayo

These bites of delight use our Simply Cooked Beluga Lentils as the base, with red onion, garlic and beetroot. The egg and breadcrumbs bind it all together, just as you’d use in a classic meat patty. We like to top with mature cheddar, freshly sliced tomato and pak-choi, before spreading on a generous helping of the red curry mayo to hold it all together.


Tomatoey French Lentil Huevos Rancheros

Perfectly suited for any time of day, this dish is full of nutritional goodness to keep you feeling full without the dreaded after-dinner bloat. Our Tomatoey French Lentils make up the base flavour of the recipe, so all you need to throw in is an endless amount of chopped veg and finish off by breaking in the eggs and heating until just cooked.