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New Spicy Cajun-Style Lentil & Red Kidney Bean Pouch!

New Spicy Cajun-Style Lentil & Red Kidney Bean Pouch!

We believe that eating food that is better for your health and better for the planet should never be at the cost of time and taste, so we’ve taken plant-based simplicity to the next level with our brand new Spicy Cajun-Style Lentil & Red Kidney Bean pouch.

Combining the flavours of the deep south of America with a mix of our much loved Puy & green lentils and red kidney beans in a rich tomato sauce, with jalapeno, rosemary and smoked paprika spices, this a great addition to our globally inspired flavoured range.

What we love most about our new Cajun-style pouch is that it works perfectly as a tasty, simple, mince alternative for those who are looking to reduce meat in their diet, offering a quick way to make delicious tasting, plant-based meals without compromising on time or taste. You can simply use it as a topping on a jacket potato, on nachos, put it in a wrap, or even eat it on its own if you’re really short on time.

Pick up a Spicy Cajun-Style Lentil & Red Kidney Bean pouch from Waitrose and inspire your appetite for change. Now you can stand up for the environment and sit down to one of these simple Cajun-Style recipes as every meat-free meal helps save the planet.

Cajun-Style Lentil Topped Nachos
A perfect sharer full of fun, these plant-based ‘dirty’ nachos will be the star of movie night!

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Cajun Lentil Enchiladas with Marinated Tofu
Inject a bit of Cajun spice into your weekday menu with this simple and tasty enchilada recipe.

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Cajun Bean and Lentil Soup
A simple and delicious Cajun-style soup, perfect for a winter’s day or when tinned soup just won’t do!

Cheesy Baked peppers with Spicy Cajun-Style Lentils & Red Kidney Beans
Stuffed peppers are an excellent quick and simple meal for when you’re short on time and want to eat something nutritious. Our Cajun-Style Lentils & Red Kidney Beans make stuffed peppers simpler and tastier than ever.

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Cajun-Style Lentil Baked Potato
So satisfying, tasty and filling! This simple jacket potato topped with Cajun-Style Lentils and Kidney Beans is the perfect hearty lunch or a fuss free mid-week dinner.

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