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New Year, New You – Our top tips!

New Year, New You – Our top tips!

Our top tips to starting 2018 as you mean to go on!

Having over indulged for… well the whole of December, we all feel the need for a boost of the good stuff! It can be easier than you think and we’re all about the little swaps that you can keep up all year long not just for January!


Forget 5-a-day, 7-a-day is the optimum servings of fruit and veg everyday!

Sensible swaps

Swap your pasta and white rice for healthier wholegrains and pulses. Check out this delicious Quinoa stir fry with Five Spiced Roasted pork!

Go green

Swap at least 1 of your daily cups of coffee or black tea for green tea – low in caffeine and full of goodness!

Drink more water

You’ll feel more energised, feel less tired and it will flush out all the toxins!

Get active

30 mins of heart pumping activity 3 times a week is what we’ve heard is required!