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One Pot Dishes

One Pot Dishes

In times of crisis and panic buying, we think the only sensible thing to make better use of your time and batch cook! We have our top one pot recipes, perfect for feeding the household through the week.


Smoky Spanish Style Grains & Rice Paella

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This delicious paella inspired one pot is the perfect meal for all the family, or for eating through out the week. A great source of protein and fibre, this dish is quick and simple to make and tastes amazing!


Truffle Infused Lentil-zotto with Mushrooms, Chesnuts & Spinach

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High in protein, fibre and counting towards one of your five a day, this lentil version of a risotto is full of the luxurious flavours truffle, chestnut and porcini mushrooms and is super simple to use


Smoky Spanish Style Grains Kedgeree

Perfectly boiled eggs lovingly served on top of Smoky Spanish-Style Grains with hot smoked salmon with a generous glug of Sriracha. A weekend brunch to remember! If you can’t get through it, enjoy as a weekday breakfast

Tomato & Chestnut Lentil-zotto

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Lenti-zotto, merchant gourmet, chestnuts, vegetarian recipe, risotto, tomatoes, basil, ricotta, chestnut recipe,

A tomato based lentil-zotto, using fresh tomatoes, saucy lentils and Parmesan or chestnut puree to create the type of texture associated with risotto and the taste associated with Bolognaise sauce, but they do it in 6 minutes rather than 20


Winter Broth

In theory you can use any veg in this hearty broth, you can adapt the veggies and experiment at home with what you have left in the cupboard and enjoy!



Tomatoey Lentil Puttanesca

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A lentil twist on a classic dish, perfect for a mid-week dinner full of goodness and a bit of a one pot wonder


Vegetable Tagine with Glorious Grains


This doesn’t need to be cooked in a tagine but it packs as much punch in terms of flavour and is a lot quicker to cook.

Sundried Tomato and Rocket Giant Couscous-otto

The sun-dried tomatoes in this recipe provide the intense flavour and the tomato puree gives this dish the texture of a creamy risotto. A plentiful dish of sunshine food to feed the whole family.


Smoky Spanish-Style Grain Tortilla

A super quick and tasty lunch or supper – minimal effort for maximum taste.