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Our New Fab Three Flavours!

Our New Fab Three Flavours!

We have some exciting news – as part of our globally inspired flavoured range of pre-cooked pulses and grains, we have added even more limited edition, tasty flavours to our range. If you like Spicy Piri Piri Grains which has been cooked with Pearly Barley with Paprika, cayenne pepper, chilli, red pepper and a splash of lemon, we have the product for you. Our Fragrant Peruvian-Style Rice & Quinoa containing Long-grain rice and red quinoa combined with parsley, mint, zesty lime leaf and spices will add a zing to your dishes. Finally our Sundried Tomatoey Mixed Grains is a blend of wheatberries and bulgur wheat, flavoured with sundried tomato sauce and fragrant herbs and pairs wonderfully with so many ingredients. Something to satisfy all taste buds!

All three of these globally inspired rice and grain mixes are available for a limited time only from Lidl stores, the perfect ingredient to make lunches and quick evening meals even tastier and easier!

In need of some inspiration? Try out these delicious recipes to test drive these new, limited edition pouches!


Falafel Bowl with Peruvian Grains

A simple veggie, ideal for lunch time with Fragrant Peruvian-Style Rice & Quinoa adding maximum flavour


Oven Baked Cod parcel with Sundried Tomatoey Mixed Grains

A refreshingly light dish of citrus-y fish with our rich Sundried Tomatoey Mixed Grains. Perfect for a light mid week dinner.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Piri Piri Grains & Slaw

Merchant Gourmet Buttermilk chicken Piri Piri Grains

This is comfort food at it’s best – golden fried buttermilk chicken with a little kick from spice from our Spicy Piri Piri Grains