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Our Top 6 Dips for Hummus Day

Our Top 6 Dips for Hummus Day With Merchant Gourmet Chestnuts

To celebrate Hummus Day on 13th May 2017, try out these six delicious dip recipes which are quick and are all naturally vegan and gluten free!

    1. Beluga lentil and cashew dip
      The added creaminess from the cashews makes this one a winner with meat-eaters and veggies alike.
    2. Chestnut hummus
      Made with silky smooth chestnut puree and roasted red peppers, add chilli oil for a little kick!
    3. Puy lentil and tahini spread
      Inspired by Ottenlenghi, a brilliant alternative to olive tapenade or pâté. Best served spread on freshly baked olive bread
    4. Sun dried tomato pesto
      It couldn’t be quicker, easier or tastier to make your own version of the classic pesto. Perfect addition to cheese on toast or for dipping your veggies in.
    5. Puy lentil pâté
      The classic texture of pâté with so much flavour, you can cook dried Puy lentils from scratch or it works just as well with our Simply Cooked Puy Lentils. It really couldn’t be simpler and tastier!  We could eat this one all day.
    6. Beluga lentil hummus with caramelised garlic
      An indulgent reinvention of the classic, the caramelised garlic takes it to another level altogether!