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Perfect Picnic Dishes

Perfect Picnic Dishes

1.Smoky Spanish Grain and Chorizo Tortilla
This tortilla is super simple to whip up (only 5 ingredients!) but doesn’t compromise on taste –  cut into wedges, wrap and pack!

2.Herby Quinoa Falafels
Homemade falafels are so much tastier and these are perfect bitesized pieces for the whole family to enjoy – they keep in the fridge for a few days so why not make a big batch and add them to your lunch throughout the week?

3.Puy Tabbouleh with Grilled Halloumi and Preserved Lemons
Fresh, minty and zingy! Throw it all together in a Tupperware and grill some halloumi to add when its time to eat.

4.Lentil and Sweet Potato Fritters with Lemon and Basil Yogurt
A tasty yet nutritious fritter – mix up your basil and lemon yogurt at home and take with you!

5.Blueberry, Banana and Quinoa Muffins
A sweet treat to add to your picnic, these banana and blueberry muffins will keep everyone happy!