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Plant-based Junk Food – A New Revolution

Plant-based Junk Food – A New Revolution

With the demand for vegan food spiking by 140% in 2017*, it is clear this isn’t just a phase or trend, the vegan lifestyle is here to stay! There is an incorrect perception of the ‘cruelty-free’ diet comprising of bread sticks, hamster food and hummus. Options when eating out are no longer restricted, in every cuisine you can think of. We’ve made a list of our top 10 junk-food havens around the country, all completely meat-free.


What the Pitta

The boys behind ‘What The Pitta’ were historically renowned meat-eaters before creating their ground-breaking Vegan Kebab. Complete with tzatziki and mayonnaise, no detail has been forgotten. This family-ran franchise aims to bring a health conscious, environmentally friendly spin on a beloved British favourite, without sacrificing on flavour.

Box Park Shoreditch & Croydon, London


V Rev

Established in 2011, this Manchester based American-style diner is the first 100% vegan eatery in the city centre. The menu is HUGE – they’ve covered all bases. Milkshakes, poutine, BBQ ‘beefy’ patties and more. Arrive hungry, leave satisfied.

20-26 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HN


Temple of Seitan

Born in Hackney, this fast food shop sings the slogan “For the animals & for you”. Seitan has been nicknamed ‘wheat meat’, but has little in common with flour or bread. It has a surprisingly similar look and texture of meat when cooked and this store takes full advantage of that. The menu replicates your local takeaway with an abundance of fried items and best of all; mac and cheese!

10 Morning Ln, London E9 6NA


Café Soya

Right next to the famous Bullring, this Asian eatery serves all the favourite appetizers you may have thought you could never have again! It’s a huge space so perfect for big parties. If that wasn’t enough there’s a karaoke bar inside…

2 Upper Dean St, Birmingham B5 4SG


Palm Vaults

This East London café is an Instagrammers dream. The plush pink interior and enviable amount of hanging plants create a space you’d happily spend all afternoon in. The amazing variety of vegan sweet treats include macarons, sponge cake and chocolate chip cookies, so tasty you’d never know the difference.

411 Mare St, London E8 1HY



This restaurant is determined to show that a cruelty-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. Serving breakfast, bites and bigger bites of hot dogs, cheese toasties and quesadillas there really is something for everyone. Their sweet treats also look immense (see image) using soya ice cream to create heavenly sundaes and smoothies.

 123 East St, Bristol BS3 4ER


Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana began in street food markets around London, serving 100% Vegan, Mexican-inspired dishes. It now boasts residencies at three different locations, including The Spread Eagle pub – a vegan cuisine first!  The menu uses the increasingly popular ingredient of jackfruit for incredibly tasty burritos, tacos and nachos.

The Spread Eagle, Homerton, London E9 6AS

Shoreditch, London EC2A 3EJ

Camden Market, London NW1 8AB


Kind Crusts

Bringing the first vegan doughnut to Glasgow, Kind Crust creations are hand glazed and decorated daily with ever-changing flavours. You can purchase in store OR online, to send a delicious gift to your loved one. They also offer freshly made bagels and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch at an impressively reasonable price.

434 Duke St, Glasgow G31 1QL


Young Vegans

You could easily waltz into this place, sit down to enjoy a delicious handmade pie with creamy mash and never know it had been completely meat-free.  This revolutionary shop produces tasty food that’s not only good for you, but good for animal welfare. Pie flavours include Seitan & Ale, Curry and All-Day Breakfast. They even offer dessert pies; peanut butter and chocolate! A pastry lover’s heaven.

60 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF


Picky Wops

For many of us, pizza would be the toughest treat to give up when making the transition to vegan. This ground-breaking takeaway caters to the fussiest of eaters, offering a variety of alternative doughs and toppings that are all 100% meat and dairy free. Indulge as usual with cashew mozzarella and seitan salami on a wheat flour base, you’ll never miss a mouthful.

7, Shopping Palace, North End Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1NN


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