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Plant-based Sharing Platters

Plant-based Sharing Platters

Spectacular, showstopping grazing tables and grazing platters were an emerging trend gathering a fast pace from Australia and the US on the run up to lock down. Although restaurants and catering companies now have restrictions on such sharing cuisines in light of Covid 19, delivery service grazing platters are on the increase, as are fun loving foodies who are getting creative at home with their own grazing inventions. Just search #GrazingPlatter or #GrazingTable on Insta to find wild and wonderful creations from Mexican food to pudding platters or cheese boards to breakfast platters.

The opportunities for grazing showstoppers are endless If you’re keen to jump into this food phenomenon, but want to still plant-based options, we have some tasty sharing suggestions for you!


Mexican Style Grazing Platters

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Mexican style grazing platters are proving particularly popular right now, with a focus nachos and tacos style ‘build your own’ boards. Try this Beluga lentil and black bean chilli as a hearty nacho topper together with these tasty tacos, the perfect plant-based recipes for a Mexican style grazing platter.



Mezze Grazing Platters

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A Mediterrean medly of flavours and textures! Enhance your Mezze sharer with theses tasty falafels together with an awesome selection of  Puy lentil pate, and Beluga lentil hummus and don’t forget serve up with a delicious, freshly baked Puy lentil freekeh bread loaf


Hot Chip Grazing Platter

Sliders Puy Lentil croquettes, vegan croquettes, lentil croquettes


If you’re after the more indulgent end of a grazing platter then go big or go home with these decadent polenta chips (use a plant-based diary alternative for vegan option), Beluga Lentil sliders (use milked breadcrumbs instead of egg for vegan option) plus these moreish Puy lentil croquettes for a pure crowd pleaser!