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salad season

salad season


So, we’re approaching that time of year where you begin to ‘fancy’ something a little lighter to eat… after a very long and grey winter, it felt like it would never arrive. Our pulses and grains are an easy addition to any salad recipe therefore, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite meat-free plates just in time for #NationalVegetarianWeek.


Warm Caprese Salad

We’d happily have this warming plate for brunch, lunch and dinner. It needs little prep, just a couple of utensils and even fewer ingredients but delivers on flavour and colour every time.

Merchant Gourmet Pesto-eyItalianCaprese


Spicy Korean Grain Slaw

Dust off your finest chopping skills for this zingy, Asian-inspired slaw where absolutely no cooking is involved. This rainbow plate of grains is a crowd-pleasing BBQ side and/or light meal on it’s own.

Merchant Gourmet Korean-style Grains


Beluga Lentil & Balsamic Beetroot Salad

Another dish requiring no heat in the kitchen, is this rouge remedy of balsamic beetroot, pepper and pomegranate. The Beluga Lentils bring all of the ingredients together along with adding that much needed protein hit.


Quinoa Tabbouleh with Sweet Potato Pakora

Tabbouleh is a Levantine vegetarian dish traditionally using couscous as the base – here we swapped the couscous for our Red & White Quinoa as a lighter alternative, mixed well with freshly chopped veg, lemon, mint and most importantly, parsley.


Honey Halloumi with Freekeh Salad

Use our Simply Cooked Freekeh to add a chewy texture and delightful nuttiness to grilled halloumi and freshly chopped, crunchy veg. Dress with  a simple mix of lemon, vinegar, olive oil and seasoning before drizzling with leftover warm honey.


Fattoush Lentil Salad with Zataar Spiced Pitta Chips

The many elements of this middle eastern recipe are what make it GREAT. Using our Tomatoey French Lentils as the base, use seriously fresh herbs and vegetables to make the salad before topping with crispy pitta chips and feta cheese.


Make sure to tag us in any recreations on your social channels – we want to see what you’re cooking this spring!