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Seasonal Spring Dishes

Seasonal Spring Dishes

1.Chilli and Lime Grilled Sardines with Rainbow Rice
Sardines are at their best in spring and work wonderfully with a kick of lime and a hint of chilli. The Rainbow Rice mix of wholegrain, red and black rice, with protein rich lentils makes it a deliciously light spring meal.

2.Asian Inspired Freekeh Broth
As Alex Mackay says, “the hotter this broth, the more refreshing it becomes!” Spring onions are in season (obviously) and add a wonderful flavour and texture to the broth.

3.Lemony Wholewheat Giant Couscous with Peas and Pan Fried Salmon
Peas will soon be coming into season and they are a lovely addition to this fresh, citrusy dish which is quick and easy to make! You only need one pan to make this light and tasty midweek meal.

4. Tender Lamb Shanks with Spring Vegetables and Beluga lentils.
This light stew of lamb and spring vegetables that work so well together – it has a certain wow factor about it.

5.Freekeh Tabbouleh with Honey Halloumi and Pomegranate
We can’t get enough Halloumi, it goes so perfectly with grains and pulses. Try out this honeyed halloumi with our simply cooked Freekeh and a fresh burst of pomegranate.

6.Lentil and Sweet Potato Fritters
These fritters are packed with flavour and add texture to any lunch or dinner and sweet potatoes are at the peak until April.

7.Red & White Quinoa with Chicken and Clams
Clams are in season in March and go really well in this dish of Quinoa and chicken.

8.Spiced Lamb Fillet with Freekeh, Fennel, Pomegranate and Mint Salad
Nothing says spring more than lamb, this globally inspired recipe with an exotically spiced fillet is divine and the refreshing salad compliments it beautifully.


9.Basil Pistou and Spring Vegetable CousCouszotto
Use a variety of green spring vegetables and combine with the homemade pesto for a quicker spring version of risotto!

10.Wholegrain Rice and Seaweed Sushi Rolls
Use any spring vegetables to make these veggie sushi rolls for a perfect light lunch, eating al desko or for a quick dinner.