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Simple as 1, 2, Puy

Simple as 1, 2, Puy

Puy lentils has earned a bit of a rep over the years as being some kind of exclusive foodie ingredient used for slow-cooking, braising and other gastronomy by top chefs in top restaurants. There hasn’t been a season of MasterChef where they don’t feature! We want to break it down and smash up the Puy lentil mystique to show you some of the simplest ways to use Puy lentils in short, quick 3 step, easy to home cook, everyday recipes….


Fully Loaded Puy Lentil & Avocado Burritos

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A fun midweek meal that can be quickly pulled together with just a few ingredients. These plant-based burritos are full of  Mexican flavour and the great thing about using Puy lentils is that they’re high in protein and count towards 1 of your 5 a day, which makes them much more wholesome than any meat version. Perfect for anyone trying to reduce their meat intake.


Baked Potato with Lentil Bolognese

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Puy lentils work fantastically in the simplest of recipes and there’s none more simple and satisfying than the humble jacket potato. This recipe is a lentil-ey take on a baked bean jacket potato, if you don’t have the means to warm the lentils in a pan, the lentils could easily be warmed and poured on top straight from the pack.


Tropical Green Smoothie with Sneaky Lentils

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Bare with us on this one, we know lentils aren’t your average smoothie ingredient, but why the hell not! If you want an added protein hit and want to cram even more portions of your 5 a day into your smoothies in one quick and easy step, then we say go for it! Only one step and one  blender required.


Smoky Tomato & Puy Lentil Soup

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Soup is a classic recipe for when you’re short on time and this recipe is 100% hassle free, with all the taste and nutritional benefits of a scratch cooked soup. A great source of protein, low in sugar & fat plus high in fibre, there’s plenty of reasons to get this 336 calorie recipe in your back pocket for when there’s little time for cooking but you still want a wholesome meal.


Balsamic Mushrooms and Tomatoey Avo Smash

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Ditch the baked beans for Puy & green lentils in this simple but hearty, loaded toast recipe. Perfect for breakfast, brunch and when you just want something tasty and fuss free for dinner! There’s a great source of folates, potassium, fibre & protein in the recipe as well as being low in sugar and fat. That’s a lot of boxes ticked in our book and with only 3 easy steps to follow you’ll be wondering what the catch is!


Quinoa, lentil & Tofu Nori Rolls with Avocado

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You might have been under the impression that sushi was difficult and time intensive to make. Wrong! These nori rolls can be assembled in 3 easy steps and are the ultimate in light bites. No sushi master training or Japanese steel required