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The perfect pouches for when you’re on move this summer!

The perfect pouches for when you’re on move this summer!

Going to festival? Camping with friends? Road trip with the family?

If you don’t want to think about preparing food, or alternatively would like to do a bit of food prep along the way, our range of ready to eat pulses and grains are the perfect culinary companion for being on the move!

Doing your own food prep? Our plain pouches of pulses and grains have been simply cooked in just a dash of olive oil and water, making them a quick and nutritious base for you to flavour, season and build up salads to your own personal liking.

No time for any food prep? Our pre-flavoured pouches makes quick, tasty meals on the go super simple. Ready to eat cold and straight from the pouch, or heated in a saucepan on your camping stove, they provide a quick, delicious and nutritious addition to picnics, dinners or mid-hike snacks!

Smoky Spanish Style Grains and Rice 
This pouch is flavoured for you with juicy red peppers and a good pinch of smoked paprika! Made with wholegrain rice, wheatberries and black barley it is much more nutritious than white rice and pasta and helps to keep you fuller for longer! Add the summery Spanish style grains to your calamari and tortilla picnic and feel like you’re on the coast of Spain!

Ready to Eat or Heat Red & White Quinoa
Quinoa has a lovely nutty taste that is the perfect base to your on the go summer salads! Great hot or cold – simply throw together with feta, lemon, mint and tomatoes for a healthy and filling salad.

Fragrant Thai-Infused Rice & Grains
The wheatberries and black rice have been pre-cooked in lightly spiced coconut milk, with ginger and zingy kaffir lime strands which makes for a perfect accompaniment to cooked chicken or hot smoked salmon for quick, tasty meal times.

Ready to Eat or Heat Puy Lentils
These tasty lentils have a delicate, slightly peppery flavour, and were grown in Le Puy-en-Velay, in France. They’ve been simply cooked with water, onion, bay leaf and a dash of olive oil, and are a fantastic base for summery salads. Try adding sun dried tomatoes, feta and basil for a delicious dinner on the move.

Spicy Mexican-Style Grains and Pulses
Quinoa, long-grain rice and adzuki beans, cooked with smoked paprika and some punchy jalapeño peppers! This adds a real punch of flavour to liven up your summer dishes! Add to wraps to help you feel fuller for longer.