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Tis’ the season to eat Chestnuts!

Tis’ the season to eat Chestnuts!

Yes it’s that time of year again and nothing says Christmas quite like chestnuts! Roasted, baked, pureed and sautéed, there’s a ton of things you can do with this fruit (that disguises itself as a nut) to enhance your festive dishes. Here’s some of our top picks…




Chestnut Frangipane Mince Pies

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It’s not Christmas without mince pies, but with so many on the market these days, how can you make yours truly stand out? With this frangipane and chestnut version of course! Copy the carnival of colours to create a true party piece for the office or your family and friends


Chestnut Christmas Mincemeat

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Of course, you need the chestnut mince meat to make the mince pies! The chestnuts add a lovely texture and flavour which enhances the recipe




Chestnut Stuffing Sliders

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These lovely little chestnut stuffing sliders are fun finger food and a tasty way to kick off your Christmas parties!


Chestnut Pâté de Foie Gras

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut vegan Fois Gras recipe, vegan recipe, foie gras, chestnuts, Merchant Gourmet, appetizer recipe idea

Foie Gras without any controversy! This plant-based pate has a delicious taste of Christmas to rival the meat version




Sausage, Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing

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Make your stuffing really festive with this chestnut and cranberry recipe, full of flavour and texture to perfectly compliment your turkey on Christmas day


Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts & Pancetta

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Chestnuts are the perfect way to elevate your Christmas classics, with this chestnut and pancetta recipe your Brussels sprouts will never be the same again!


Bacon and Chestnut Stuffed Cabbage

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If you’re family aren’t a fan of Brussels Sprouts and your looking for another side dish to replace, this bacon and chestnut stuffed cabbage is somewhat of a showstopper, so much so that the turkey may get jealous!


Mushroom Wellington with Chestnuts & Porcini Mushrooms

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The great thing about chestnuts is that they are the ideal ingredient to add texture and flavour as an alternative to meat. This mushroom and chestnut wellington recipe is such a delicious, festive vegetarian recipe, those eating turkey may want to swap!




Molten Chocolate, Chestnut & Caramel Mousse with Ice Cream Brandy

Merchant Gourmet Chestnut Mousse, chestnut recipe, Christmas recipe idea, chestnuts, dessert, christmas dessert

Chestnuts are a fantastic ingredient for puddings and dessert try this molten chocolate for a luxurious, chocolatey delight!


Chocolate Chestnut Roulade

Merchant Gourmet, Chocolate, Chestnut, Roulade, Christmas, Recipe

Who doesn’t love a roulade at Christmas and this chestnut recipe has it all, rich ganache, spongy lightness and of course sweet chestnuts! Serve with cream or fresh berries for a pudding that won’t be forgot for a while


Chocolate and Chestnut Christmas Pudding

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Unlike any other Christmas pudding you’ve eaten, this beautifully rich get light steamed chocolate and chestnut pudding is a delicious alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding




Pear & Chestnut Boxing Day Salad

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Leftovers, for some, are the epitome of Boxing day comfort and this fruity salad is the perfect light dish to have following a day of festive indulgence