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Top 10 Exciting and Delicious Quinoa Recipes

Top 10 Exciting and Delicious Quinoa Recipes with Merchant Gourmet Dried British Quinoa

Despite its nutritional benefits, eating endless quinoa salads can get dull very quickly!  Fear not, this adaptable seed works well in lots of dishes where you usually would use pasta or rice, but also in recipes like Quinoa cottage pie, Dark chocolate and orange cookies and Quinoa pancakes with mango and passion fruit syrup.

Below are our top ten recipes to inspire you to use quinoa in a way you have never thought of!

Creamy quinoa pudding with blackberry compote
Similar to rice pudding but with a more nutritious twist, this is a great ending to any meal, especially if you’re still trying to be good!

Quinoa and feta stuffed aubergines
Scrumptious and super simple – a healthy twist on a stuffed veg classic.

Choco chai quinoa breakfast bowl
An indulgent yet healthy breakfast for when you fancy a treat. Quinoa works so well for breakfast, try it instead of the usual oats!

Bacon, parmesan and quinoa arancini
Healthier than the classic, but full of  flavour from the bacon and Parmesan. A great starter or snack!

Quinoa porridge with orange and dried fruits
Cooking the Quinoa in the simmering orange juice ensures this porridge is full of flavour from start to finish.

Herby quinoa falafel
This recipe for Herby Quinoa Falafels puts a twist on the classic falafel, which not only adds an unbeatable texture and taste but also lots more protein, ups the fibre and gives you even more of a nutrient boost. 

Blueberry, banana and quinoa muffins
A more nutritious version, perfect for a post workout snack or an on-the-go breakfast.

Baked quinoa, pistachio and cranberry granola
Homemade granola always tastes so much better than shop bought – you can also control the fat and sugar! The Quinoa and seeds work perfectly in this recipe.

Quinoa and cauliflower cheese
How about this for a twist on a Great British classic! The texture of the quinoa works beautifully with the cauliflower and is more nutritious than the original!