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Top 5 Lockdown Lunch Recipes

Top 5 Lockdown Lunch Recipes

Who remembers the days when we could ‘do lunch’, pop out for a Pret, or grab a sandwich from a nearby deli? For much of the nation now working at home, we’re doing whatever is quick and easy in between zoom calls, home schooling and our daily exercise. If you can all too well relate to that feeling of rushing around the kitchen, quickly eating whatever you find in order to simply sustain you for the next few hours of hard graft, then checkout our top lockdown lunch recipes!

We strongly believe that eating food that is better for you should not be at the expense of time or taste, so these recipes have been specially curated to make sure you get a hearty flavour and nutrition fix, even when you’re in a rush.

Cajun Lentil Tacos

The wonderful thing about our new Cajun-Style Lentils and Kidney Beans is that their spicy Cajun flavour work amazingly well as a plant-based alternative to beef chilli, with no fuss or prep required! Checkout these tasty tacos which work great as a quick lunch.

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Quinoa and Lentil Nori Rolls

Missing your ‘go to’ ITSU lunch? Admittedly there is some prep time to roll these quinoa nori rolls together, but they’re perfect for a light lunch and if made in advance, you can stockpile them and pick from the fridge to your hearts delight!

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Tomatoey Lentil Avo Smash

Beans on toast but better, quicker and healthier!

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Cajun Bean and Lentil Soup

When soup from a tin just won’t do! Perfect for warming you up through to dinner time.


Baked Potato with Lentil Bolognese

An absolute lunchtime classic! This topping takes no prep at all and is full of the veggie goodness of our Puy and green lentils. Cheat that cooking time by using a microwave to cook rather than the oven if needed!

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