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Top 5 Puy Lentil Recipes

Top 5 Puy Lentil Recipes

Puy lentils aren’t just your regular legume, due to their unique growing conditions in the fertile French region of Le Puy-en-Valey, they have a delicate thin membrane that makes the lentils incredibly delicate, yet retaining a firm bite. This means that rather amazingly, Puy lentils don’t lose their texture and cook faster than other lentils. But what does this mean for the recipes you cook them in? We’ve pulled together our top 5 Puy Lentil recipes to show you the amazing ways you can use the mighty Puy lentil to its best!


Puy Lentil Bolognese

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Looking to cut down on your meat intake? The firm bite and high protein content that Puy lentils hold means that it is an easy, straight swap for mince in many classic recipes such as this lentil Bolognese, helping us to cut down on meat without any compromise on the overall eating experience.


Red Onion Kofta Balls with a Red Onion & Yoghurt Dip

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The great thing about Puy lentil’s firm but delicate texture is that they are perfectly pliable and can be moulded into many shapes in various recipes. These lentil kofta balls are simple to make and are perfect for batch cooking to use for lunches throughout the week. Plus, with a portion of Puy lentils counting towards 1 of your 5 a day, these kofta’s easily tick at least one portion for the day!


Puy Lentil Pate

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Great with toast, crackers or plant-based canapés! Puy lentil’s unique texture bring a special ‘meatiness’  to recipes that they replace meat in. This Puy lentil pate is not only super quick and simple to make, when smoothed into a paste, it still retains a slightly coarse texture you’d expect from a pate. Talk about guilt free indulgence!


Puy Lentil, Baby Courgette & Feta Salad

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The simple salad features high in Puy lentil recipes. That’s because Puy’s firm bite, combined with it’s slightly peppery taste means it holds it’s own in a bowl full of other veg. It’s hearty texture and high protein content makes Puy lentil’s a simple, filling and nutritious ingredient that can replace meat or fish in pretty much most salads going!


Puy & Green Lentil Stew 

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The wonderful thing about Puy lentils is their ability to act as a vehicle for all of the flavours of the other wonderful ingredients they’re cooked with! This easy one pot recipe means that you can simply throw it all into the pot and leave the ingredients to stew together, ensuring maximum flavour is carried by the lentils, which also bring a wholesome heartiness to the plate.