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Top 5 Veggie Dishes

Top 5 Veggie Dishes

If this is your first go at a meat-free diet, don’t stress. It shouldn’t mean eating sorry salads, copious amounts of cheese on toast and uninspiring plates of pasta. Our website is packed full of delicious vegetarian dishes for you to try – here are 5 of our faves.


Coconut Lentil Curry with Roasted Turmeric Cauliflower & Jackfruit Chutney

A staple in most vegetarian diets, curries are packed with the flavour and goodness we all crave in an evening meal. This one has a few extra special touches, with a creamy coconut sauce and turmeric roasted cauliflower, finished off by a sweet jackfruit chutney.


Beluga Lentil Sliders with Red Curry Mayo

Better than any meat version (we think!) these mini Beluga burgers take no time at all to create. Build up with fresh salad, spicy curried mayo and a slice of cheddar cheese. They taste just as good after freezing and make the perfect dinner in a hurry.


Fatoush Lentil Salad with Zataar Spiced Pitta Chips, Feta Cheese & Blood Orange Dressing

This colourful plate of veggies has enough flavour all on its own. THEN you add in the feta cheese and blood orange dressing to really bring it up in the salad stakes. Not to mention the crispy pitta chips, which you will be adding to all dishes in the future after you’ve tasted these, just an FYI.


Mushroom ‘Wellingtons’ with Chestnuts & Porcini

It’s the veggie dish of indulgence to beat; our baked mushrooms in puff pastry and a creamy Porcini mushroom and chestnut sauce. It’s bound to impress even the fussiest of guests, perfect for a dinner party with friends.


Lentil Kofta Balls with a Red Onion Salad & Yogurt Dip

These kofta’s are a fun vegetarian treat for all the family using our new Champagne variety of Simply Cooked lentils. The fresh salad and garlic dip are the ideal accompaniment for the lightness of the koftas, all encased in everybody’s favourite wrapper; toasted flatbreads.