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Top Lentil Curry Recipes

Top Lentil Curry Recipes

Lentils are synonymous with curries, but you might be more familiar with finding split red lentils, kidney and mung beans, chickpeas or chana dal in the nations favourite cuisine. We have a range of recipes that add extra flavour, colour and texture to your homemade curries using Puy, green and beluga lentils. as well as helping you make what is known to be a traditionally lengthy cuisine in a fraction of the time! If you’re planning to spend the weekend indoors and want to stay away from takeaways, then try one of these delicious lentil curry recipes that are full of lentil goodness this weekend.


Coconut Lentil Curry with Roasted Tumeric Cauliflower

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This delicious coconut flavoured lentil curry with roasted cauliflower comes with a tasty jack fruit chutney. Perfect for a plant based ‘fake away’!


Winter Vegan Curry

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A hearty lentil curry perfectly spiced with warming flavours. Not only is it tasty, it is full of goodness and ingredients that promote good gut health.



Beluga Lentil Dhal with Cumin, Chilli & Fried Onions

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Dhal is most definitely the lentil’s happy place and this Beluga lentil dhal with crispy onions is guaranteed to transport you to your happy place in no time at all! Using Beluga lentils makes it a black dhal and an extra wow factor.


Beluga Lentil Curry with Kale and Coriander

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A tasty lentil curry packed full of the goodness of kale and flavour of coriander. Just like the Dhal recipe, using Beluga lentils give the great visual affect of making it a black curry.


Puy Lentil & Curried Pumpkin Hot Pot

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A very British take on the curry, this curried lentil hot pot has the comfort of a traditional winter dish using pumpkin and chestnuts combined with the warming flavours of curry spices.