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Unmissable Restaurants from across the globe

Unmissable Restaurants from across the globe


We’ve all been guilty of stopping off at the first restaurant we find when in holiday mode. Tired and hungry from the journey, the last thing you want to do is spend time looking up the best place to eat. To avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on a plate of rubbery calamari or a soggy, bland burger we’ve rounded up five of our highlights from across the globe for you to enjoy too.


Lisbon – Pistola y Corazon

It’d be unlikely for you to stumble across this tiny Mexican find in the quaint neighbourhood of Rua Poiais de Sao Bento. A constant queue of eager customers spill out onto the street, all more than happy to wait it out with a freshly made margarita in hand. Inside is a dark, buzzing room of loud music and chatter. Their famous tacos come three per plate, topped high with mouth-watering meats, cheeses and vegetables. It’s the perfect spot for a large group of you, wanting to try it all!


Sydney – Speedos Café

This quirky café on North Bondi – the quieter side of the famous beach town, is a firm favourite with the locals. The endless menu options are split into ‘Clean’, ‘Feed Me’ and ‘Classic’, with an array colourful dishes to suit any dietary requirement. Whatever dish you end up going form, you’ll be snapping Instagram’s from every angle – trust us on this one!


Paris – Le Bouillon Chartier

Another spot with queues around the block that are well worth waiting in, this traditional French restaurant has been around for 100 years and still has so much soul. Many famous faces have visited this grand, historically listed dining room and been served by the elegant staff in white vests and black aprons. It almost feels like you are part of a classic, romantic movie – a Parisian experience you’ll never forget.


New York – Blue Dog Kitchen

Serving breakfast til 4pm, this comfy dining spot is a hangover holders dream come true. With numerous cosy armchairs, foot rests and thick rugs for comfort, you might as well be sat in a close friend’s living room – and we haven’t even gotten to the food yet! Serving eggs in every way, quesadillas and more, the showstopper has to be over on the sweeter side of the menu. Three words; chocolate chip pancakes.


Ibiza old town – La Oliva

Placed on the cobbled streets of Ibiza Old Town, this tiny restaurant has an atmosphere you’ll never forgot. Grab a table outside and watch the locals go by, or if you’re lucky an all singing, all dancing parade of party-goers in fantastic fancy dress. The food is simply phenomenal, with an array of dishes using the freshest produce you can find on the island. You’ll be dreaming of this place for months afterwards, trust us.