Our story

Food discovery is what makes us tick. So we’ve spent the last 20 years scouring the world for the finest, most interesting ingredients that’ll get you excited too.

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Because we believe that the world is a giant larder, filled with weird and wonderful ingredients – and we’re on a mission to discover as many of them as possible,  giving food lovers access to the most wholesome, natural foods our world has to offer.

Take a look at our complete range.

A bit of history...

Merchant Gourmet was founded back in 1995, by brothers Mark and Oliver Leatham, who had a passion for discovering real food. Ever since, our passionate team have been out sourcing the finest ingredients from all across the world.

We were the first brand to bring speciality foods like Camargue Red Rice and Ready-to-eat Chestnuts to the UK market. In 2009, we took things a step further, launching our Ready-to-eat Puy Lentils and Quinoa pouches – the first of their kind in the UK. Ready in a flash, they sped up 'slow food' hugely, the craze for grains and pulses really took off!

Since then, our range has really grown. Containing only water and a dash of olive oil, the Simply Cooked range offers a convenient base for creating a meal when you’re short on time. There’s also a range of pulses and grains infused with globally inspired flavours – just the thing for the discerning foodie who cares about what they eat, and wants to keep their food exciting.

Revamping our look

In 2016, we had a bit of a makeover. We wanted our packs to radiate provenance, with designs that bring you closer to where each wonderful ingredient comes from. So we've gone colourful, uplifting and wonderfully patterned, staying true to everything we believe in. Same ingredients, brand new look.

With our range of simply cooked and flavoured grain pouches, boxes of dried grains, and our simple 'just add' ingredients, we've got everything a food fanatic could wish for.

And – with all our travels in search of interesting ingredients – there are plenty of new foods on the horizon too... Check back soon!