Packaging Statement

Thank you for getting in touch and sharing your concerns regarding the packaging of our Ready To Eat pouches. We are aware the material is not ideal in the current climate and have been working hard to look into how we can rectify this.

Currently, there is no way of manufacturing our ready to eat pouches in recyclable packaging because the technology is not available to keep our product preserved and protected, whilst being lightweight, sustainable and easy to transport. We are hopeful there will be a resolution to this issue, but until then we are utilizing different avenues to try and offset our carbon footprint as best we can.

Merchant Gourmet remain fully committed to continue to look for alternative packaging that will improve the overall environmental footprint of our products whilst working with third parties and Government to improve recycling facilities in the UK.

We’ve looked into organizations having a positive impact on the planet and we are currently reviewing our next steps.

We’d like to thank you for your continued support, loyalty and patience whilst this work is ongoing.