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Cooking Hints, Tips & Recipes

Cooking Hints, Tips & Recipes

Our Merchant Gourmet Cook, Alex Mackay has been working very hard during lock down. Not only has he been helping the local community by providing free meals made with Merchant Gourmet ingredients to his local care homes, schools and hospitals in Oxford, he has also been creating home videos of hints, tips and delicious recipes to help our lovely Merchant Gourmet fans to cook at home and make the most out the ingredients you have to hands! Check out his videos below for hints, tips, trade secrets and delicious Merchant Gourmet recipes…



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Chestnut & Tomato Lentilzotto

This delicious Lentil-zotto is a delicious, tomatoey alternative to risotto that’s full of plant based goodness


Beluga and Beetroot Lentil-zotto by Alex Mackay, how to cook lentils, lentil recipe, beetroot recipe, risotto recipe, healthy lentil recipe, healthy lunch, recipe video

Beetroot & Beluga Lentilzotto 

Beetroot and beluga lentils go together perfectly and this quick and easy recipe makes the most out of the winning combo


Chicken and Puy Lentil Hot Pot by Alex Mackay, puy lentil recipe, puy lentil hot pot, how to cook lentils, chicken hot pot, healthy dinner recipe, simple dinner recipe, healthy one pot, lentils

Puy Lentil & Chicken Hot Pot

Pure comfort in one pot! This Puy lentil and chicken hot pot will most definitely sooth the soul in one bowl full


Puy Lentil and Butternut Squash Hot Pot, how to cook lentils, lentil recipe, lentil hot pot, lentil one pot, butternut squash recipe, butternut squash one pot, healthy one pot vegetarian recipe, vegan recipe, vegan hot pot, vegetable hot pot

Puy Lentil and Butternut Squash Hot Pot

Delicious, full of flavour and very simple to make! You can use both pumpkin and butter nut squash for this recipe, depending on what you have to hand


Chorizo and Spanish Grainzotto by Alex Mackay and Merchant Gourmet, chorizo recipe, grain recipe, spanish recipe, quick one pot recipe easy hot pot recipe, paella recipe, quick paella

Chorizo and Spanish Grain-zotto

All the flavours of Spain in this simple and very tasty one pot. If we can’t get there in person, lets visit through our taste buds

Hints & Tips


How to Dice an Onion by Alex Mackay, cooking tips, cookery tips, chefs tips, cooking hints, chopping tips

How to chop an onion by Alex Mackay

Once you’ve learned Alex’s top tips, theres no going back!


How to Butterfly a Salmon by Alex Mackay, cooking tips, cooking hints, chopping hints, chefs tips

How to butterfly a salmon by Alex Mackay

Handling fish made easy, follow this ‘how to’ video to get the most out of your salmon cut


How to Portion a Chicken by Alex Mackay, butchery tips, chopping hints and tips, chicken tips, how to handle chicken, chefs hints and tips

How to portion a chicken by Alex Mackay

Make the most out of a full chicken and prepare for the weeks meals ahead with Alex’s great portioning tips