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Plant-based Sunday Roast plan

Plant-based Sunday Roast plan

Top tips from our Merchant Gourmet Chef and Product Developer Michaela Neame…..

Another weekend, another lockdown dinner. We don’t know about you, but weekdays are for quick and easy dinners, Fridays are for treat yourself takeaways and there’s only one choice for a crisp autumnal Sunday…the mighty roast of course.

It’s not always the go-to meal to swap to plant-based but there’s no compromise on time, flavour or satisfaction, we promise. And these recipes make the most of our favourite seasonal ingredient, the delicious, delicate and moreish Chestnut. So why not give it a go this Sunday? It can seem a daunting affair to cook from scratch but let us guide you through our top plant-based recipes to pull together a knock-out Sunday Roast to be proud of.



Scroll down for top tips and a sample timing plan…

The Main Event  – rich and almost meaty Mushroom, Chestnut & Sage Roast

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Smashing Gravy:

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Super Side – if you can’t find our Puglian lentils, simply cooked Beluga or Puy lentils will do the job with this Roasted Winter Veg Salad:

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Serve these recipes alongside roast potatoes and fresh steamed greens of your choice


Pudding – only for the extra-committed – serve with plant-based ice cream: Spiced Pear & Chestnut Crumble


How to pull it off:
1. Write your shopping list – this makes your supermarket time quicker and more efficient and you don’t end up over-buying – or order online to make it even easier
2.Set your serving time – you don’t have to be Gordon-Ramsey strict but it’s good to have a goal in mind to work back from
3. Plan your day – this might seem over-the-top but it will be much easier to get everything ready if you know what you have to do when
4. Pick your team – A solo roast mission is not to be underestimated so to help you knock out a cracking dinner, make it a household affair – peeling potatoes, chopping veg, washing-up – many hands make light work
5. Choose your playlist – whether it be chart-toppers, classic tunes, an audiobook or a podcast, make sure you’ve got the right theme tune as the most important part is that you enjoy yourself!


Here’s an example plan to help you on your way!

Step 1: Preheat oven to 180C
Step 2: Prepare Chestnut Roast until stage 7 (ready in the tin)
Step 3: Prepare potatoes and get boiling
Step 4: Chop all your roasted veg for the side and prepare in tray
Step 5: Drain potatoes and sprinkle with polenta
Step 6: Put Chestnut Roast and Roasted veg into the oven (timer for 30mins – check occasionally)
Step 7: Prepare Gravy
Step 8: Take Veg out of oven, cover in tin foil and leave somewhere warm. Cover Roast in foil and leave in oven.
Step 9: Turn up oven heat to 200C and preheat tray and oil for potatoes
Step 10: Cook Potatoes (timer 20mins)
Step 11: Finish steps for veg dish and boil greens
Step 12: Remove Roast, slice and plate. Add roasties and greens. Top with heated gravy. Serve veg dish on the table.
Step 13: You’ve done it – now sit down, enjoy and let your helpers do the washing-up.

Let us know how you get on!