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Top 5 Chestnut Recipes

Top 5 Chestnut Recipes

There’s nothing more festive than chestnuts at Christmas. From savoury to sweet, these recipes will help inspire you to use them in deliciously different ways to the norm. It’ll have you eating the delights all year round!


1.Christmas Freekeh Bread with Chestnut Butter

This bread looks so impressive in the middle of the table, almost too good to eat! With all the cranberry and cinnamon tastes of Christmas, it’s the perfect dinner party appetiser and gets guests sharing & tearing from the star shaped loaf.  Serve straight from the oven to enjoy the indulgent brie and chestnut butter at their best.


2. Chestnut Christmas Mincemeat

If you thought you had your mincemeat recipe sorted, think again! Our fruity chestnut mix with the brandy replacement of balsamic vinegar syrup takes no time at all to prepare and can be made weeks in advance.


3. Chestnut Stuffing Sliders

These mini sliders are the appetizer of the season! Made with Chestnuts, sausage meat and hoisin sauce, they’re a super fun, Asian take on a Christmas classic and are simply impossible to resist. Also available to try out now at our Grain & Graze pop-up restaurant in Islington.


4. Vegetarian Lentil & Chestnut Meatballs

Vegetarian heaven; these not-so-meaty-meatballs are as good if not better than the real thing. The chestnut puree gives the lentils an extra depth of flavour which acts as a meat replacement, making it as hearty as ever. Leave out the egg yolk for a vegan dinner to please every dietary requirement.


5. Chocolate and Chestnut Christmas Pudding with Orange and Prune Syrup

Fancy trying a different Christmas pudding recipe this December? This rich, indulgent dish using chestnuts, chocolate and orange is gluten AND dairy free, ticking all the necessary boxes.