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Top 5 Nutritionally Balanced Lunchtime Recipes

Top 5 Nutritionally Balanced Lunchtime Recipes

We know the drill – September rolls around, the kids are back at school, you’re back on your healthy eating and post summer budget following your holidays, inevitably leading to the same old boring lunch time sarnies and salads. Not anymore! Our nutritionist and registered dietitian, Sian Porter, has picked out her top five Merchant Gourmet recipes to help make your child’s lunchbox top of the class, or yours the envy of the office.



Salmon & Cucumber Lentils with Lemon Creme Fraiche Dressing

A lovely, light, Scandi-inspired lunch perfect for those emergency scenarios, quickly pull together in the canteen and eat mindfully away from your desk (in the fresh air if you can!) for a delicious protein hit.


Merchant Gourmet Pesto-ey Italian Grains

Pea, feta and pesto grain frittata

You don’t need meat or fish to get your protein fix with this frittata. Best made at the weekend for a Monday lunch highlight, keep in the fridge and add a slice in the lunch box.


Colourful chopped salad with quinoa

Simple to make and a simple way to get colourful, fibre goodness into your lunch time to help towards your ‘5 a day’.


Puy Lentil Pate

The texture of a classic pâté, tons of taste, endless possibilities for lunchtime dipping and spreading, but no meat, dairy or wheat.

Super Seed Quinoa & Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Not just for breakfast, but great for snacking on to get a quick fibre and protein fix, especially portable for kids!

By Sian Porter, Merchant Gourmet nutritionist, registered dietitian