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Top 5 Puy Questions Answered

Top 5 Puy Questions Answered

You may or may not have heard that Puy lentils are kind of a big deal in the legume world? Renowned King of pulses with their firm texture and silky shell, but those that don’t yet know the virtues of the decorated Puy lentil, they may still seem a bit intimidating.

For those in any doubt on how to handle, we’ve taken some expert answers to those Puy questions from ‘Mr. Provincial’ himself, our expert cook, Alex Mackay.


1) Q. Are your Puy lentils gluten free?

  1. Yes our Puy lentils are gluten free (although they are not produced in a certified gluten free environment just to be aware if you are coeliac). I use them a lot in my kids’ school lunches. Instead of making them a sandwich or pasta salad, I do a salad based on Puy Lentils which gives them energy and protein as well as great taste.

2) Q. How long do Puy lentils need to be soaked for? Is overnight best?

  1. Merchant Gourmet’s lentils do not need to be soaked at all; convenient as well as delicious, they’ve got it all. I really like just looking at them as well, but that’s just the way I am with my favourite ingredients.

3) Q. Sometimes a recipe calls for dried Puy Lentils and I want to use Ready to Eat ones, or vice versa. How do I convert the quantities from one to the other?

  1. The weight of cooked Puy lentils will be the equivalent to roughly half its weight of dried, uncooked lentils. For example, if a recipe lists 125g of dried lentils you will need 250g of Ready to Eat cooked lentils, or vice versa. Check your recipe carefully though, they are not always interchangeable as sometimes the point of using a dried Puy lentil is that they soak up and become flavoured by the cooking liquor.

4) Q. Can I cook more Puy lentils than I need and then freeze them?

  1. Yes. When I cook our dried Puy lentils, I often cook the whole box and then freeze what I don’t eat for another day.

5) Q. Can I put dried Puy Lentils straight into soup once rinsed or do I have to cook them first?

  1. You don’t need to cook the lentils before you put them into soup, but they will need to be cooked once they are in there. Alternatively stir in the contents of a pouch of Ready to Eat lentils near the end of the soups cooking time and simply warm them through.