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Top tips for alfresco dining

Top tips for alfresco dining

Sunny weekends and summer months means picnic time for us, so we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to avoid ready made salads and sandwiches to make your summer picnic extra special!


1. An old jar is perfect for transporting your salad dressings:

  • Basic dressing – Olive oil, lemon juice, salt, sugar and pepper
  • Asian dressing: Soy sauce, ginger, lemon, lime or orange juice
  • Creamy dressing: Mustard and crème fraiche or yogurt and citrus or herbs

2. Layer up salads in large jars, put the dressing in the bottom and build it up with Red & White Quinoa or Puy Lentils at the bottom then add your salad leaves last to keep them fresh and not soggy!

3. Freeze some water or flavoured drinks in bottles – it’ll keep your picnic cool, they will  melt on the way and will become an ice cold refreshing drink.

4. Instead buying ready-made falafel or fitters from the supermarkets, use our Simply Cooked Quinoa to make tasty and nutritious falafel and try our Tomatoey French lentils to make sweet potato and lentil fritters! Both are perfect finger food snacks that the whole family will enjoy!

5. Portable lunches need a good base, it’s easy to reach for the bread to make sandwiches, however, Simply Cooked Grains are just as simple and much more nutritious. Add feta, preserved lemon, chopped mint, cherry tomatoes and spring onions for a tasty and filling salad.

6. Whiz up your own delicious hummus by using Beluga Lentils or Whole Chestnuts! Bring along carrots, celery, radishes or whatever you have in your fridge and some pitta bread to serve up and enjoy.

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