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Chestnut Custard

Chestnut Custard

“A chestnut custard for Christmas, one that will happily serve everyone at your festive table including those on plant-based and dairy free diets. Those who eat everything will love it just as much, what could be more timely?

Aquafaba is the liquid from tinned/cooked chickpeas, that you simply strain it from the chickpeas to use.  It adds the sort of texture that you get from eggs, but the custard can be made without, it’ll just be a little lighter in texture. In either case, make sure you blend the custard until it is entirely smooth and luxuriously irresistible.”


By Alex Mackay

  • Serves 6

  • 10 Minutes

  • 1 pan

  • Beginner

Suitable for dairy-free, gluten-free, vegans and vegetarians

Whole Chestnuts


  • 180g pouch Merchant Gourmet Simply Roasted Chestnuts
  • 400ml almond other other non-dairy milk
  • 50g aquafaba / chickpea water
  • 80g caster sugar
  • The scraped seeds from one vanilla pod or 2 tsp good quality vanilla extract
  • Rum or Brandy, optional and up to you how much


  1. Blend all the ingredients together until totally smooth. Some bullet-blenders should only be used on full blast for 2 minutes at a time, if this is yours, blend, then give the blender a little rest, then go again, so you don’t explode the motor.
  2. If you fancy it, add the rum or brandy to taste. The chestnut custard can be served cold or hot.

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