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What is Wholewheat Giant Couscous?

Giant couscous is, in fact, not a couscous at all. It is the name given to small balls of pasta made from different types of flour.

Giant couscous is low in fat and high in protein. And – with its lovely, bouncy texture – it’s a brilliant go-to ingredient for wholesome salads.

A bit of history...

It was invented in the 1950s after Israel’s first president, David Ben-Gurion asked the Osem Food Company to devise a wheat-based substitute for rice during the country’s austerity period. Popular in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, it is also known as Israeli Couscous, North African Berkukes or Palestinian Matfoul.

Its name depends on the type of flour it is made from, or the country it is from. It can also be called Ptitim, Maftouc, Mograbiah, Gredola, Jersualem Couscous or Ben-Gurion Rice. We just stick to Giant Couscous, though!

Let's talk about taste

Giant couscous is twice as big as the more common small, yellow, semolina-based couscous from North Africa. It is toasted, rather than dried, which gives it a nutty flavour and a light yet hearty texture. Like pasta, it has a chewy bite, can stand up to a good sauce and is great mixed into salads. It has a toasted, nutty flavour with a subtle tang, so it goes perfectly with Middle Eastern foods like tagines.

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