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Plant-based Easter Cakes & Bakes

Plant-based Easter Cakes & Bakes

Easter is a time for chocolate and a bit of overindulgence, but if you’re trying to make plant-based choices over the Easter season, it can be tricky. Here at Merchant Gourmet, we’re proud to say that you can have your cake and eat it too, when it comes to plant-based indulgence. We believe you don’t have to stick to boring salads or pseudo meats to have vegan meals bursting with flavour, colour and texture, that will leave you feeling completely satisfied and full of plant-based goodness!

Our whole Chestnuts and Chestnut Puree are the perfect ingredients to make sure you don’t have to compromise on taste, texture or satisfaction in your vegan recipes, and if you’re looking to make this Easter a food-filled event to really look forward to, but want to keep it plant-based, check out our top plant-based cakes and bakes recipes…..

Sticky Caramelised Chestnut Rolls

Who wouldn’t want to dive right into these sticky buns by Gaz Oakley! They’re totally plant-based and completely delicious. The perfect Easter treat!

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Chestnut and Herb Stuffing Balls

If you’re having a traditional roast and need some plant-based accompaniment inspo, look no further than these delicious chestnut and herb stuffing balls.

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Chestnut Mushroom and Spinach Hand Pies

What’s more comforting than a pie bursting with flavour and of veggie goodness, with the natural, ‘meaty’ texture of chestnuts and mushrooms? Pure heaven in a pastry and a perfect roast alternative for Easter.

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Garlic Chestnut and Savoy Cabbage on Sourdough Toast

Ok so it’s not strictly a bake, but we couldn’t resist slipping this chestnut recipe in here. For a special Easter brunch, this sautéed garlic chestnuts and Savoy cabbage on sourdough really ticks all the boxes.

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Chestnut Stuffed Butternut Squash

This recipe is so simple but just so delicious it’s guaranteed to steel the show around any Easter dining table!

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Chestnut and Ginger Cheesecake

Yes please! Chestnuts are the ultimate vegan alternative to dairy, creamy in texture and mildly sweet. This means it is simple to make most of your favourite desserts completely plant-based without compromise.

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Mini Chocolate Chestnut Cheesecakes

Another match made in cheesecake heaven is chestnuts and chocolate! These little sweet treats are perfect for handing to friends and family, or you may want to keep them all for yourself!

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Chocolate Chestnut Tart

Say no more, a chocoholic’s dream! We are actually thinking of coining the phrase ‘chestnut-holic’ after eating this tasty tart!